EPA?needs to defend outdoors for us to enjoy

“The weather outside is frightful,” goes a favorite holiday tune. Many people retreat to the cozy indoors in winter, but America’s sportsmen and women love being out in the elements in all seasons, whether ice fishing, deer hunting or just enjoying the tranquility of nature. However, our outdoor traditions are under siege because the climate crisis is changing the playing field for fish and wildlife, putting our outdoor heritage and many cherished traditions at risk.

Outdoor recreation is not just about a nice day in the woods or a paddle on the water. It’s an economic engine, from the local bait shop to the pickup truck dealer, with spending exceeding $600 billion a year and generating over six million jobs. It produces $40 billion in federal tax revenue and $50 billion in state and local tax revenue.

The Environmental Protection Agency can lead the way by putting limits on toxic pollution spewing from power plants. Carbon dioxide is a leading climate change pollutant, and coal-fired power plants are a major source.

In the season of giving, let’s give back to the planet. EPA should put limits on toxic pollution and Congress should not stand in the way.

Brenda Archambo