Many people want the news from downstate

Open letter to WBKB and Charter Communications: Conspirators or Bullies?

Here we go again, come on. Are you people for real? Charter, you’ve already removed WJRT-12 Flint, 6p/11p and inserted redundant WBKB in its place. Was that on orders from WBKB? Wimps. Does anyone out there care we’re being bullied? Now you’ve taken away WNEM-9 Saginaw, 7p I think Alpena is great and I’m glad we have a CBS training station here but many of us watched news on both WBKB and WNEM to get Tri-City news and Detroit news. This move is over the top. This is nothing but a power grab and is an outrageous ripoff to us paying customers. Time to push back? Hey Charter, there are other providers out there. Speak up.

Phillip Wiser