Pettalia doesn’t base his votes on politics

A recent letter to the editor, Rep. Peter Pettalia was accused of putting politics ahead of victims and denial of essential medical care. The source of this accusation is abortion. My question is who is the victim and how do you define essential medical care? In the letter it implies that there is only one victim in the situation and that is the woman. In the case of rape the woman is the victim and will have to deal with it her entire life. The key word is life. When an abortion occurs, the woman’s life is scarred from the abortion but the child is murdered. The most innocent and the most fragile is the one with no say in the situation. If you want to discuss the victims, let’s discuss them all. Abortion is an elective procedure. This vote is not telling any woman that they cannot have an abortion; just they have to arrange to pay for it.

The other accusation is regarding political interests. I have known Rep. Pettalia for over 20 years. In all that time, I have never known him to make any decision based on his best political interests. He has always based his votes on his knowledge of the item and his integrity. I have had disagreements with Rep. Pettalia in the past but he has always listened to my side and takes it into consideration. He has always explained his position with sound reasoning and an open mind. He is and will continue to be a strong and dedicated voice for those of us that live in his district. I, for one, am very grateful for his service. Merry Christmas.

Diane Mucciante

Presque Isle