We need fighters to save 10th Amendment

Even though states are protected from elected and appointed bullies in Washington by the 10th Amendment that protection is like a dog with no bite. Our 10th Amendment clearly states “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The constitution outlines no more than 30 areas of responsibility for the Feds but we all know they have taken much more.

Over the years in the face of constant abuses by the feds states have simply gone along as the 10th Amendment was violated. In effect by turning their heads state lawmakers have been helping Washington grow more powerful. The U.S. Constitution clearly lays out federal powers. As with other constitutional provisions states rights have been ignored. That is until now.

South Carolina lawmakers have a proposal in their legislative pipeline that would nullify the federal Obamacare law. Observers say the state likely will be the first in the nation to exempt citizens and businesses from participation in Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Supporters of the SC bill contend it aligns with a Founding Father’s solution for states confronted by an unwarranted federal law.

There are also legal challenges to the ACA being made by some of the 25 Republican state Attorneys General. They contend the founders did not believe in the absolute supremacy of the Supreme Court clearly talking about federal acts with no constitutional justification. They are aware of the danger of that power. Michigan’s Attorney General is one of those in the fight to reign in the Feds.

We have a States Rights champion in the AGs office in Lansing now we need to get one in the legislature. Your Senator and Representative could be our Champion. Call them.

Bob Lamb