Editorial: Pettalia, Moolenaar voting records show they are on the job for NE Michigan

Kudos to State Rep. Peter Pettalia and Sen. John Moolenaar, neither of whom missed a legislative vote in 2013.

Moolenaar was present for all 665 votes in the Senate, while Pettalia was there for all 534 in the House. To be present for every single vote is impressive, but these men have among the best percentage of voting records since they first arrived in Lansing. Year in and year out they either have perfect voting records, or near-perfect numbers.

Jack McHugh, editor of MichiganVotes.org, said in a press release this week that nine senators and 71 representatives had perfect voting records this year. Contrasting that figure were one senator and three representatives who missed 50 or more votes.

MichiganVotes.org has been compiling voting records of legislators for 13 years. McHugh noted that since the public accounting began, he has noticed a lower absentee rate among legislators.

We respect the fact our legislators take their jobs seriously and believe in public service above self.

Both Moolenaar and Pettalia have represented our area well in Lansing, and as evidence by this news, are hard at work each legislative session on our behalf.