Common Core new version of previous failure

In 1970 Professor Benjamin Bloom created an educational system called Mastery Learning and it used extensively in the Chicago Public school system. It was a colossal failure and was abandoned in disgrace in 1982. The test scores proved to be appallingly low and the illiteracy rate became a national scandal.

In January 1980 a meeting was held to form the Network for Outcome-Based Schools. According to a article entitled “On Outcome Based Education: A Conversation with Bill Spady” (Educational Leadership, Dec. 1992-Jan. 1993): “Most of the people who were there … had a strong background in Mastery Learning, since it was what OBE was called at the time. But I pleaded with the group not to use the name ‘mastery learning’ in the network’s new name because the word ‘mastery’ had already been destroyed through poor implementation.”

The Outcome Based Education was modeled after the failed program Mastery Learning and it was sweeping the nation in the 1980s-1990s. Described in a story in the Eagle Form dated May 1993″ – OBE calls for a complete change in the way children are taught, graded and graduated, kindergarten through 12th grade. Since the American people seem ready to accept drastic surgery on our failed public schools, state departments of education are seizing this opportunity to force acceptance of OBE as the cure. But OBE has parents even more agitated than they are about explicit sex education. Crowds of a thousand or more parents are known to have gathered in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and Ohio.” Sound familiar?

Common Core is the same educational theory that has been tried and failed. The difference is the unholy alliance of government and corporations profiting from data collection (without any parental permission) and publication of CC aligned curriculum. There is nothing to suggest CC will succeed.

Susanne Christensen