Editorial: Lafarge continues its commitment to invest in Alpena

New scrubbers at Lafarge’s Alpena plant represent yet another investment the company has made in Alpena, a good sign that officials believe the Alpena company is part of its long-term strategy.

We should be quick to explain the investment isn’t solely because Lafarge officials wanted to do it. The fact is, the scrubbers are part of a settlement reached with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding past emissions from the plant.

However, we also need to point out that over the past three years, Lafarge has invested nearly $70 million into its Alpena plant. That is a significant investment and represents a commitment that extends well into the future.

While residents will notice a regular plume from the new scrubbers, they need to understand the plume is created from steam, not smoke. The plume is all part of the new process – a treatment procedure that should significantly reduce the amount of sulfur emissions from the cement making process.

We’re pleased to see see the continued commitment Lafarge has made to its Alpena plant. When it comes to corporate neighbors, it stands tall as a leader in Northeast Michigan.