Speer: All I?want for Christmas is designation

Dear Santa:

I know I’m a little old for writing you a letter but hope springs eternal, and I really am excited this year for Northeast Michigan.

I’ve got enough ties, belts and wallets from holidays past to last me a while longer Santa. What I really want this year are remote controlled vehicles. I want cars, boats but most of all Santa, I want remote controlled airplanes – lots of them – flying over the skies of our region. I want Northeast Michigan to be designated a Center of Excellence for unmanned aerial systems and thus, see drones everywhere – in the air, on the water or over the fields.

You see Santa, I am so excited I feel like a child at Christmas Eve all over again. If you were to see to it that this designation happened, Santa, it would give our economy a boost similar to that which Mrs. Claus provides the elves every December with her 30-day boot camp diet of egg nog and fruit cakes.

I would be more excited than Frosty on a snowy night should Alpena be selected. I would be like Charlie Brown sizing up the football, stretching my leg, gaining my balance and then, running up to the football, would kick the winning field goal.

On second thought Santa, forget the Charlie Brown reference. We in Michigan have “been there, done that” already this week with the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football, when we lost the pivotal game in the last minute by a 61-yard field goal. I have to believe every player on the Lions must be Charlie Brown, and every opponent must be named Lucy. It’s depressing.

But I digress Santa.

Back to the business at hand – if you would designate Alpena as one of six Centers of Excellence I would personally see to it that drones would be assigned to the North Pole to assist you in whatever ways possible. I know Rudolph has magical powers all his own, but that red nose only can last so long – right Santa? Why not have a red-nosed drone at your sleigh’s side as well.

Please, please, please Santa, we all have been good this year.

Don’t let the Grinch steal our enthusiasm. Don’t let Ebenezer Scrooge rule the day. Grant us the drone designation we pray.

Finally Santa, I’m pulling out all the punches. Don’t look for milk and cookies down my chimney Christmas Eve. Instead I’m leaving some Plath’s sausage, whitefish from Gauthier and Spaulding and bagels and cream cheese from Neiman’s Family Market. To top things off will be a bottle of white from Stoney Acres Winery and a bottle of red from Thunder Bay Winery.

I’m excited Santa, can you tell? Can you imagine drones delivering newspapers one day Santa?

Please Mr. Claus, give our region a great gift this Christmas.

Thanks for reading.