Not interested in what was force upon him

If I like my car, I can keep my car. At least that’s what they said. I had a really nice car. But, the government car company came and took it from me the other day. They offered me another car. They called it, Obamacar. They told me this car would be much better than any car I had ever owned before. I protested that they told me I could keep my car if I liked it. I was told I must have misunderstood. What they say they really said was that I could keep my car if I liked it until I put gas in it. They said I should give Obamacar a try.

So I checked it out. It was brimming with features like an indoor toilet, big screen TV, a back massager and cup holders at every possible location. I was missing my sporty little car a lot now so I asked if I could have it back. They said, no. It had been wrecked already. They told me not to worry. This car would be much better. In a year I would wonder how I lived all those years without an Obamacar. The price tag was $70,000. That’s over twice what my old car cost. I figured I’d just do without. They said that’s OK, I would just have to pay the Obamacar tax of 1 percent of my income. Why would I have to pay a tax for not taking the clunker they offered? Well, they said, Obamacar is going to be the only thing around and, since I would certainly ride in one sometime in the future, it was only right that I contribute to its upkeep and maintenance.

I don’t like this Obamacar thing. I want my old car back.

Peter Eastwood