Kindness of people makes community special

Though the heavy snow that fell this past weekend may not be my favorite thing about living in the Alpena area, an array of local people demonstrated why dealing with winter weather is more than worth it.

My daughter was in the Nutcracker this weekend, something I myself participated in twice over 10 years ago. The dedication of the amazing Christine Giordano and her wonderful family, the hard work of the kids and adults involved, the helpfulness of the fellow moms and older students backstage, and the hearty applause from the audience made for a delightful experience.

Later, when I unknowingly dropped my phone in the snow and was unable to make the harrowing journey back to town to retrieve it, a kind friend ventured out into the storm to assist me. When faced with being snowed in and unable to leave the house, a kind neighbor showed up to plow my road without being asked.

These little things make me so grateful for the place I call home and the people who live here. I am so very proud to raise my children in a place where community counts and invite anyone reading this to take a moment to be thankful as well.

Katie Taylor

Presque Isle