Athletes dedication should be used by all students

Recently Carl Basel sent in a letter making totally false and baseless accusations that U.S. High School students ranked at the bottom in the world on testing because of athletics. The facts are that athletes actually perform better in school than the general population. Most athletes understand the commitment they have to make to work hard on and off the playing field. This past year the Alpena Boys Basketball Team had the highest GPA in the entire state. The team GPA was a stellar 3.73 and that includes 14 total players. We also accomplished this achievement in 2007 with a 3.72 GPA. Athletes should be applauded for their dedication to both academics and athletics. The travel, late nights and extra time they put in to be the best is not why the U.S. is behind these other countries in academics. If we had more kids dedicate themselves like many of our athletes we would be testing better against these other countries.

John Pintar