Editorial: Blessings shared from red kettles

As you walk by the bells and red kettles around the region, have you ever wondered exactly how that money gets distributed?

Have you ever envisioned the faces of a child, or his parents Christmas morning – the smiles that light up the room – thanks to the generosity of people like you?

Today is a special day then for you, Salvation Army volunteers, and everyone who shared a coin, a dollar or whatever contribution into a red kettle this season.

Today 316 families from across Northeast Michigan will experience the love and joy of what Christmas means. Today they will stop at the Salvation Army’s holiday headquarters to pick up toys and food, along with mittens, scarves and gloves.

Gifts from the angel trees will be placed in bags awaiting families. Each of the gifts then can be wrapped from Mom and Dad instead of the Salvation Army. In this way families can maintain their dignity and self-esteem in their children’s eyes.

Each of the families has had to document their need. There is no duplication, no double-dipping for the families. Every family who is there today has a real need, and thanks to you, their need is being met.

When it all is said and done some money and gifts will remain. The thing about need, however, is that is knows no season. Just because Christmas will pass doesn’t mean the needs all disappear. Thus, anything extra will be used and distributed to needy families throughout the next year. The Salvation Army meets the needs of families all year long, not just at Christmas.

If you shared your wealth through a red kettle donation this year, you should feel good today. You should walk a little taller and smile a little wider.

Thanks to you, Christmas will indeed be a reality for 316 families in Northeast Michigan.

Merry Christmas one and all.