Positive results stem from Educational Talent Search Program

ALPENA – Alpena Community College president Olin Joynton informed the Board of Trustees about the positive participation results with the Educational Talent Search Program. Joynton received a report from ETS director Bob Newton about the program’s activity during the 2012-13 school year.

“The whole focus has been to go into junior high schools and high schools and especially work with kids who are at higher risk for dropping out of school, or failing school classes, and work with them more closely encouraging them not only to take their studies seriously in junior high and high school, but also graduate from high school and go on to college,” Joynton said. “There is still a very strong connection between going to college and having lower rates of unemployment and higher income.”

During the 2012-13 year participation increased approximately 12 percent with around 350 seniors participating, the highest count of the 14 year reporting period. The percentage of those senior participants that graduated from high school on time was 99.71 percent, compared to an average 89 percent overall graduation rate for the 12 schools involved.

Nearly a quarter of the seniors that graduated came to ACC for further education, and those attending ACC earned 849 credit hours, bringing in $128,799 in tuition payments for the Fall semester.

“We have much higher high school graduation rates from participants in the program than the norm, and also higher rates of college attendance,” Joynton said.

In other business:

the board had a closed session prior to its regular meeting to discuss contract strategies and the new mutual gains bargaining process that focuses on the best outcome for the college.

net income for the fifth month of the year shows a gain of $870,196, which is typical for this time of year when spring tuition receipts are building up. The month to month comparisons are tracking as expected.

the board accepted gifts and grants of $53,722.50 from 109 total donors between Nov. 12, and Dec. 6.

the next board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 16, 2014, at 7 p.m.

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