Woman arraigned on charges of manufacturing synthetic narcotics

ALPENA – A 36-year-old woman is still in jail after being arraigned on numerous charges of manufacturing synthetic narcotics while her two young children were in her home, a law enforcement commander said Thursday.

Nancy Marie Frary of Alpena was arraigned Wednesday on a charge of Possession with Intent to Deliver AM-2201.

AM-2201 is a chemical component used to produce synthetic marijuana, said Det., Lt. Frank Keck, commander of the Huron Undercover Narcotics Team.

HUNT officers arrested Frary Dec. 10 and searched her home after receiving a tip she was making and selling the illegal synthetic drugs and had children under the age of nine living with her in the home.

After an emergency hearing, her two young children, who are under the age of nine, were placed in emergency foster care by the Department of Human Services. An unregistered firearm was found in one of their bedrooms, along with a large quantity of narcotics, which the youngsters had direct access to, Keck said.

Frary was arraigned Wednesday, he said. Other charges included Possession with Intent to Deliver Methylone, Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana, Manufacturing AM-2201 in the Presence of a Minor, Manufacturing AM-2201 While Possessing a Firearm, and Possessing a Pistol at the Time While Committing a Felony. Maximum sentence if convicted is 25 years in prison.

“Basically, Frary was maintaining a lab at her residence with her children present,” Keck said. The woman also was selling marijuana and MDMA, also known as Molly or Ecstacy.

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