Conservatives need to take back the country

The American way is on the run. Our constitution is being plundered. Personal liberty is a thing of the past. Daily the government gets bigger while We the People’s voice gets less meaningful. But conservatives, who support the American way, have been almost silent.

The last two elections have brought together a coalition of liberals who are Black, Latinos, Feminists, Gays, Government Workers, Union Members, Environmental Extremists, The mainstream Media, Hollywood, uninformed young people, the chronically unemployed, illegal aliens and others who have joined the conspiracy to end the American dream.

The obvious counter-balance is for conservatives to come together. But GOP candidates are just not of a type for voters to rally around. McCain’s claim to fame was, and is, the grumpy old man syndrome and standard bearer Romney wanted to be something for everyone. Neither appealed to conservatives perched on the sidelines.

All the while the Democrats were anointing a candidate who ran as a far left liberal and shouted out that he was the left’s savoir. In the process he put together victim groups. A coalition of the bribed. His coalition wanted an over the limit liberal candidate who was not afraid to rant about how the American way was not good for his dreams. He was not shy about telling everyone what his ultra-liberal agenda will do to America.

In 2014 our mid-term election all 435 House and 33 Senate seats will be in play. The socialist agenda, represented by Obamacare, will get most voter’s attention but America’s soul is really the target.

Liberals of the far left are destroying what has made America exceptional. God fearing Conservatives who love America must respond with a coalition of the right if We the People are to save the soul of our country.

Bob Lamb