Watch PBS documentary about Yellow Jug

I am writing to encourage all Northeast Michigan residents to watch or record for later viewing, the broadcast on WCMU television, of the Yellow Jug for Old Drugs documentary. The show will be on our local PBS stations on Dec. 19 at 7:30 p.m. and rebroadcast on Dec. 21 at 5 p.m.

The Yellow Jug program is a wonderful example of what citizens can do to protect our health and environment. The old practice of flushing pharmaceuticals down the toilet and into the water system has been determined to be dangerous for all living things that need pure water to survive. The non-profit group was started by local Alcona County citizens and is called, The Great Lakes Clean Water Organization. They are now also operating in Illinois and Wisconsin and to date have collected and disposed of 42 million gallons of unused and unwanted drugs.

Please tune in to see our local people who have filmed this important documentary. It includes footage with The Cedarbrook Trout farm owners and local, retired educator, Robert Kennedy teaching a couple of young boys to fish. The interviews with the Barton City organizers of the Yellow Jug program describe how the collection of pharaceuticals works.

We cannot survive without pure water and everyone needs to help keep the Great Lakes water free of pharmaceuticals. We should be very proud of the efforts of the Great Lakes Clean Water Organization to raise public awareness of this important program which will help keep our state,

Pure Michigan.

Patty Thomas