400 years later we still have an aristocracy

Ever since the Mayflower landed in 1620 the American Indians had the new settlers under suspicion and were quite aware of their “forked tongue” attitude. I am referring to the deluge of political news of the ever growing defecit nationwide as well as statewide where cities like Detroit have filed for Bankruptcy.

I question how can this be when our glorious Governor has approved exorbitant substantial raises in the salaries of officials in the State Treasury ranging from 35 to 90 percent? Detroit News Nov. 26. The Chief Investment Officer prior salary was $175,074 that jumped last Sept. 30 to $330,000 which is more than double of the governors salary of $159,300. The two Directors of Investments was $128,710 which is now $233,000.

Now unless there are two states called Michigan in our Union, I been hearing and reading of services to the public being cut or reduced to many State Department agencies like the story in the Nov 25 Alpena News front page. The reason was lack of funds. The Health Department is just one of them where three dozen offices have been notified that there will be no funds next year to monitor beach waters. It seems there is plenty of money for the elite aristocrats in office! Most of the raises that I have seen that the 9-to-5 worker ever gets is less than 4 percent, yet these big wigs at a crisis like this get as much as a 90 percent increase? Who is kidding who?

I’m convinced since the Pilgrims landed that we never really shook the aristocratic form of government that prevailed throughout Europe. As history repeats itself, the next thing I will hear is “let them eat cake,” then the people can bring the guillotine out of retirement.

Robert Colarusso