Evidence points out flaws in Common Core

School officials will defend Common Core as a state led and voluntary initiative that will improve tests scores and prepare our children for a 21st century world, there is no curriculum, and standards are internationally benchmarked” Lets see

Common Core was not “state led” but written by a small group of people who had either very little to no classroom experience with no representation from the states. The National Governors Association (NGA) doesn’t include all governors and they have no binding power. The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) is a DC-based trade association. Neither of these groups had a grant of authority from any particular state or states to write the standards. There were various committees working in private with only 1 in 60 having actual classroom experience. Massive funding for the development was provided by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The so called standards were never “internationally benchmarked” No information was presented to the Validation Committee to show how CC stacked up against standards of other high-achieving countries. The CC website no longer even claims that the standards are “internationally benchmarked” by rather “informed by” the standards of other countries without any definition of “informed by.”

There is also of evidence of federal control. The federal government will “review” student testing, data collection (tracking your child) and grant money distribution directly to districts (ignoring states authority) and withhold federal money to districts not adopting the standards.

They also claim there is no “curriculum” The point of standards is to drive curriculum. Ultimately, all the CC states will be teaching pretty much the same curriculum. In fact, the testing consortia being funded by USED admitted in their grant applications that they would use the money to develop curriculum models.

Susanne Christensen