Do the right thing when you see an accident

Whether you’re on your way to or from school, work or just running errands winter is here, we need to drive with extra caution and be prepared for the unknown circumstances we may come upon.

For the second day in a row there was an automobile accident on E. Grand Lake Road near the south end DNR boat launch. We hear and read about the many accidents that take place and our hearts go out to the families. We have been taught to use caution when driving, to be a defensive driver, extend assistance when you’re the first on the scene of an accident. For some, extending assistance doesn’t fall on their priority list.

Those who have experienced receiving a call from local authorities or another source, I sympathize with you as to what races through your mind. You pray that they are all right, did someone call 911, and did someone stay with them until help arrived? You want immediate answers as you rush out the door.

It hit home for us, the person for whose car mangled, sitting at the boat launch entrance was our child, alone. Thankfully the second passerby and yes I said second passerby, for which we are extremely grateful to for stopping and extending assistants, offering comfort to our child. We do not know the name of this individual but he is one who shows true compassion. How the first individual could in all conscience keeps going offering no assistance or have any regards for human life is incomprehensible. We hope you made it to where you were going on time. That decision one makes could be a life-saving decision.

Debbie Trelfa

Presque Isle