Representatives did the right thing with votes

Debbie Trelfa’s letter of Nov. 21, disparaging our State Representatives needed response.

It seemed to me that Trelfa was arguing in favor of Obamacare, and was dogging State Rep. Peter Pettalia and State Sen. John Moolenaar for voting against this horrendous law.

When we look around us and fear that our lives will not be fulfilled if we don’t get to participate in top-down government-run health care, remember that it is actually a blessing when we are able to stay free from its strings.

Pettalia and Moolenaar were right in their opposition to this law, and with State’s rights to opt out of such a vast consumption of personal liberty and autonomy, they did the right thing to ensure that the people have a voice in Lansing.

The Federal Government is acting as an out-of-control morbidly obese control-freak, consuming everything in sight. More power for those in government equals less individual power and more pain for everybody. Let’s not forget that Obamacare is the reason so many have had their hours cut so they have to find second jobs. This law reaches into everything we do, and it is an outrage that it was imposed on the free people of this glorious nation.

Jennifer Kuznicki