DeVere awarded bid for ARMC

ALPENA – Alpena Regional Medical Center Board of Trustees approved recommendations from the finance/cost containment committee for the emergency room renovation project at its meeting on Tuesday.

The ER project approval included approving a bid from DeVere Construction of $3,932,300, and the approval of the ER project total cost of $6,609,590.

“The month of December we should hear about our (certificate of need) approvals,” Charles Sherwin, vice president of business development and clinical service, said. “The first hammers would start in March, and end in June of 2016.”

ARMC has been working with DeVere, and believes the schedule may be moved up by two or three months depending on when an air handler system is constructed.

“We think if we can put it in the second phase, we might be able to start construction sooner, maybe in February,” Sherwin said. “We’re working through that right now, and there is actually less cost to that based on not having somebody here for an extra month.”

There are four approvals that need to go through before construction can begin and include the fire marshal approval, the bureau of construction, the city of Alpena has to approve the project and then the state of Michigan has to also approve the project.

“Outside of the CON project, there is another process that you have to go through with the state,” Sherwin said. “Other than that, I think we are well positioned to get started within the next couple of months.”

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