Questions motive for running letter to editor

What are the motives of the editor for publishing Ms. Raible’s Nov. 15 letter to the editor?

If I’m optimistic, and perhaps naive, I think the editor is trying to spark a conversation about human rights, challenging the public to respond to Ms. Raible in an intelligent way – the anomalously large number of Facebook shares of Ms. Raible’s letter would suggest success here – but when the editor publishes platitudes such as Ms. Raible’s I question the strategy of the editor. Does The Alpena News Letters to the Editor section wish to become the message boards of the worst corners of the Internet, where every useless, bumper-sticker-comment logjams the community’s conversation?

If I’m cynical I think the editor agrees with Ms. Raible. This is upsetting in itself, but what’s more upsetting is that the editor pushes an ideology like Ms. Raible’s without any nuance. This forum shapes local culture, and it is detrimental to our region when the muscle of the newspaper hands a megaphone to a lazy thinker.

I don’t know the editor, so I don’t know how he/she feels about human rights, but I do think that in the interest of journalistic integrity and the integrity of The Alpena News a statement should be made about the decision to publish Ms. Raible’s comment.

James Brown