Disagrees with letter that Pettalia voted wrong

On Nov. 22, 2013 a writer to the Alpena News suggested that Rep. Peter Pettalia “didn’t do right by the people.” The writer mentioned how, on Feb. 28, 2013, Pettalia voted “No” on HB 4111. This bill was to fund a State hole in the Federal “Obamacare” Partnership Exchange, installing a consumer assistance “call center” related to tax subsidies provided by the federal health care law. The writer indicated that “Frustration is what we face because of the lack of information or misunderstanding of this ‘Law.'”

I think Rep. Pettalia was looking out for the best interests of his constituents. He knew long before it became apparent to most people that President Obama was not being truthful when he continually reassured the American people that “If you liked your current health insurance, you could keep it, and if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor, and that the average household in America would save $2,500 per year on health care.” As we read our newspapers and watch what is happening on the television, we can all see that none of these “promises” by President Obama are being kept. Even a number of Democrats within Congress who first supported the passage of “Obamacare” are not withdrawing support.

Rep. Pettalia needs to be applauded for the foresight he demonstrated in voting “No” on HB 4111 because way back in February of 2013 he realized how hurtful “Obamacare” would be in the long run to the American people.

Bob Brietzke

Rogers City