Common Core getting worse with more info

The more information coming out about Common Core the worse it gets. This is setting up to be an educational disaster.

School officials are quick to point out that states “voluntarily” adopted the standards but, in fact, cash strapped states were lured in by $4.35 Billion awarded by the Obama administrations via “Race to the Top” funding and oh, by the way, if the states didn’t “voluntarily” implement the standards by 2015 they would not be eligible for further federal funding.

Supporters point out the “evidence” and “empirical research” which comes from CC supporters themselves. Christopher Tienken of Seton Hall University notes “When I reviewed that ‘large and growing body of knowledge I found that it was not large, and in fact built mostly on one report, Benchmarking for Success, created by the NGA (National Governors Association) and the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers), the same groups that created these standards. Hardly independent research.”

Another false claim is the content of the curriculum is “rigorous” or “internationally benchmarked” when there is no such evidence and a growing body of academic experts have publicly proclaimed just the opposite. James Milgram, Ph.D. Stanford University points out in testimony to the Indiana Senate education committee “there is no good reason to adopt Common Core Math Standards over the Indiana Standards” and CC standards place students “more than two years behind international expectations by eighth grade.”

Parents already living the nightmare are watching their children become frustrated and confused. Lessons are coming home riddled with grammatical errors and questionable content. What can school boards do? Nothing. They are roped into the “standards” and there is little wriggle room for change. Common Standards leave little room for innovation and creativity. Common standards means a common education.

Susanne Christensen