Medicare D rollout didn’t start smooth either

My, how Washington has changed, back in 2003 President George W. Bush signed the Medicare Prescription Drug act into law. Democrats in both houses, opposed by a majority the Drug Act as it was unfunded and they thought that it was a sell-out to the pharmaceutical industry.

It was wildly unpopular with voters, only 39 percent supported it.

There was no concerted effort by the Democrats to defund the new law and no public relations campaign to discourage seniors from buying into the plan. As a matter of fact, they realized that it has become law and actually helped to make it work. Democrats that opposed the law, still supported its implementation, instead of exploiting every opportunity to sandbag it. Yet, many Republicans can scarcely conceal their delight at the headaches million of Americans have encountered in their efforts to obtain coverage under the ACA.

Over the next two years, the Bush administration spent millions in taxpayer dollars advertising the introduction of the new benefits, but in the prescription law, it stated that if you didn’t sign up when first eligible, you would be penalized if and when you did sign, you would pay more.

Despite that, the Jan. 1, 2006, rollout of the new law known as Medicare “D” was anything but smooth. Yet today, it is very well received. Do you suppose that if the ACA was given a chance, with everyone one helping to make it work, could it be just as well received also?

Carl D. Leow

Rogers City