Liked hockey supplement; puzzled by cover

Read with interest the delightful Nov. 20 40th anniversary edition/supplement on AHS (Alpena High School) varsity hockey. Loved reading the history of AHS hockey and examining the aerial view of the old Mich-e-ke-wis skating rink where years ago I spent countless winter hours as a child and teen, simply skating-walking to the rink and home after on wooden legs – the length of State Street to Campbell and then west to “old” Washington Avenue.

Who is the student named “Christian” featured on the cover? Puzzling is the juxtaposition of the AHS shirt with directly below it and lying across the lower edge of the shirt a hockey stick with the name “Christian.” “Christian” does not describe Alpena High School which was then and is now, a government school, secular, and never “AHS Christian.” I can only conclude that “Christian” is the name of a student.

I couldn’t locate the credits for the cover usually found inside, so who assembled this cover, what is this student’s full name, what year did he play, and what’s behind the honor? Tell us about him.

Elaine Thompson