Editorial: Today we give thanks

It was 393 years ago the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, and the next year they celebrated their first harvest in the new world. Because of those brave people, a new life and country was in its infancy. That first celebration of the harvest continues today as we celebrate so much more, yet at its core today is about celebrating the little things in life that are still the most important.

Today we give thanks.

We give thanks for family and friends, to be living in a place with such a high quality of life, and myriad others things big and small.

We give thanks for having a roof over our heads and the comforts of home; and we hope and pray for those who don’t with the hope they won’t be without for long.

We give thanks for living in the greatest country in the world and one where, despite outward appearances at time, we can work toward the greater good despite our differences; and for having the right to “agree to disagree.”

We give thanks for those who have given their lives to preserve our way of life, and those still in harm’s way defending our country – may they be home with loved ones sooner rather than later.

We give thanks for a day hopefully filled with time spent with loved ones for everyone in Northeast Michigan.

On Tuesday, two new families were joined as Alpena County celebrated National Adoption Day with two sets of adoptions. Those families have a special reason to be thankful today, and we join them in their happiness.

So take the time to be thankful for the special things in your life, and we join you in celebrating what we have and hope for an even better tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.