MSP warns of phone scam about IRS

Recently the Michigan State Police Alpena Post has been contacted by numerous residents reporting they have been the victim of a scam. These residents and employees of H&R Block of Alpena have contacted the Alpena post saying they have been called by someone representing the IRS.

The person calling from this fake IRS is male and has a foreign accent. The phone call is being placed on a phone line that is full of static, making it very hard to understand what the caller is stating.

Residents were told by the caller that they owe the IRS additional money from their 2013 taxes. When one resident asked the caller how they would need to make a payment for this outstanding debt to the IRS, the caller was unable to give a clear answer.

The calls placed to H&R Block were from the same type of caller; however the caller was advising H&R Block that there were outstanding taxes due for a number of clients, for whom they had prepared 2013 taxes.

The Michigan State Police reminds residents they should never reveal any personal information about themselves, their address or their banking accounts over the phone. Should you receive this call, ask the caller to forward the information by mail from the United States Postal Service to the address they currently have.