Rethinking gift giving for this Christmas

The holiday season is coming and after last year’s experience with our granddaughter I vowed to change my way of giving. After three months of waiting for my check to be cashed I called and found out that she thought she had cashed it and finally found it behind her nightstand. Apparently she really didn’t need the money. We all have children and grandchildren that we wonder what to buy them for Christmas. They have everything they need and if you ask them they can’t even give you a suggestion.

There are so many organizations in our community that are truly trying to help the less fortunate have a hot meal or a warm coat to wear. This year we are giving to the Sunrise Mission. I will send a card to each family member and explain what I can do with their usual gift, truly helping those in need.

A $50 gift can feed and care for 26 people. The Sunrise Mission can feed a meal to a hunger person for just $1.92.

This holiday season please try to help our many caring organizations in our area. Happy Holidays.

Elaine Pearcey