Knowledge has value, please seek answers

How do you put value on the really important things in your life? Your family, your country, your freedoms? I realized long ago the very best and most critical economic returns lie within our educational system. For most people in the United States, that means Public Education. Unlike some countries, this means a system for all students regardless of socio-economic background, ethnic origin, religion, mental, emotional, or physical challenges. Nationally, in Michigan, and in Alpena, public education is under attack. What should a high quality, up-to-date education system look like and sound like for both students and educators? The stakes for our community and country are greater than ever before. A long range, well planned, and well funded public education has value far beyond the immense economic impact in our society.

While our district is facing budgetary concerns, the solutions being put forth are short sighted and offer no guarantee of improving the long term financial position of our district. To gain important and valuable knowledge, please seek answers and discuss these questions: What are the best long term solutions for APS? What solutions have the school board suggested? What solutions have they been offered and rejected? Why? What budget amounts received from the state (per pupil) have increased since the deficit reduction plan was suggested? By how much money? Please join the discussion, and support legislation that places our children on a brighter future.

Leonard Bromund

TBJH Teacher