Representative didn’t do right by the people

Robert Kennedy, of Harrisville has good point. His article on Sept. 20, 2013. referring to HB 4714 where Sen. Moolenarr voted “No” on the Expansion of Medicaid. Kennedy quoted the Michigan Chamber of Commerce as stating, “That the expansion was critical for the success of Michigan business.” Disappointment lies with others in the House of State Representatives who voted “No,” denying this expansion. Times are hard enough; families counting every penny, seniors being taxed additional 2 percent on their income. Businesses bring employment, individuals return to become providers for their families, and reduce the cost to the state for assistance programs.

With the challenges we face today we need to stay informed. These “Bills” will in some way affect you, your parents, the future of you children and grandchildren.

On Feb. 28, 2013, our State Representative voted “No” on HB 4111 along with others. This bill was to fund a State roll in the Federal “ObamaCare” Partnership Exchange, installing a consumer assistance “call center” related to tax subsidies provided by the federal healthcare law. Frustration is what we face because of the lack of information or misunderstanding of this “Law.” Yes it is confusing and such a controversial subject. Many need that informative “Hot Line,” like we need businesses. It is unclear as to why our Representative would again vote to decline opportunities for the people.

Fortunately, we have the internet, giving information that can be a determining factor when supporting a candidate. is where you can find a list and explanations of “Bills” brought before our State Leaders, how each member voted.

Debbie Trelfa

Presque Isle