Be careful when shopping for health insurance

My husband and I are two of the 5 percent in the United States who received a card from Blue Cross Blue Shield that our health insurance would be “discontinued.” So I called Blue Cross Blue Shield to pick out a “Keep Fit” plan, which I am being told is the best possible option for us at this time, both cost-wise and benefit wise. You can guess my surprise when I was told the new price of a plan. I went from $385 a month each with a $1,000 deductible with 80/20 coverage to $452 a month each with a $2,500 deductible and the plan pays 70/30 coverage. The 5 percent of us are not forced to deal with a new insurance policy we never wanted and do not need until the “Affordable Care Act” became law. Our “sub par” plan fit us just fine. My next step was to meet with a person who works with There is a plan called Premier Gold through BCBS, which would have cost $669 a month for two people, much better benefits and a low deductible. Add to my surprise when I called BCBS to inquire about this plan on and the representative kept questioning me – where did I get such a price? The real BCBS cost of a Premier Gold Plan is $1,489 a month each for two people. Be very, very careful folks when you are shopping for insurance on The prices are very misleading.

Amy Stepaniak

Presque Isle