Celebrating 50 days at Ella White

ALPENA – Kindergarten and first grade students at Ella White Elementary celebrated the 50th day of school on Wednesday by dressing in 50’s clothing and participating in activities of the era.

“Fifties day is a celebration of what we’ve learned during the first 50 days of school,” kindergarten teacher Shellie Gohl said. “We had root beer floats, and learned about what people did in the 1950s. I showed the students some cartoons from then and they all thought they were funnier than the cartoons today. They also noticed how there was more music and movement in the cartoons.”

The 1950s were incorporated into the entire day with students Hula-Hooping in physical education class to spinning a record to hear the sound and learning which activities were popular then, such as bowling, and what toys were popular like Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh and Mr./Mrs. Potato Head.

Students in Polly Hunter’s first grade class brought in 50 of one item, counted to 50, compared pictures of the 1950s to pictures of today, looked at books written in the 1950s and listened to music from the ’50s.

“We had root beer floats in class and each student predicted whether the ice cream would float or sink,” Hunter said. “The students filled out a sheet of what thing they would like to have 50 of, and what they wouldn’t want to have. We have a bubble blowing contest and fill out a survey of what the students liked best.”

Four classes were involved in the ’50s day, and multiple students dressed up in poodle skirts and the boys dressed in jeans and white T-shirts or leather jackets and vests.

“The kids really enjoyed learning about the ’50s,” Gohl said. “The whole day was curriculum driven around the 1950s.”

Besides dressing up and learning about the 1950s, students learned how to do the famous Chubby Checker “twist” dance, learned the Hand Jive, and did the Hokey Pokey together to celebrate the 50th day of school.

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