Hearing delay for third Freese

ALPENA – James William Freese Jr. was back in court Wednesday, but proceedings will be delayed so his attorney can catch up on details about the criminal sexual charges against the 39-year-old, his father and brother.

Freese appeared before District Court Judge Theodore Johnson, wearing a bright orange jail jumpsuit. His head was close shaven and he wore a beard.

Through attorney Mike Lamble, Freese waived his right to a preliminary examination of evidence within 14 days of his arraignment.

Lamble said he needed time to contact the attorney representing Freese’s father and brother, and asked that bond be reduced so Freese can get out of jail, where he has been since Nov. 1.

Johnson reduced the bond to a $150,000 cash surety bond, which means Freese needs to post $15,000 to be freed.

The original bond was set at $100,000 cash, and Freese is accused of 12 charges alleging criminal sexual conduct on children in 1992, 2010 and 2012. Other assaults involved older girls, and the prosecutor’s office is alleging force was used.

The assaults allegedly took place between1990 to 2012 in Maple Ridge Township, where the family had lived, Alpena Township and the City of Alpena.

Lamble said some of the allegations occurred a long time ago, and added Freese had turned himself in. He said although Freese has a prior criminal record, it isn’t voluminous.

In another argument for release, Lamble said although Freese is a resident of the Upper Peninsula, he has a place to stay in Hubbard Lake.

Freese’s father, James William Freese, 58, and brother, Andrew Joseph Freese, 29, also face similar charges and were arrested Oct. 25.

The two men will be back before the judge at 1:30 p.m., Dec. 5, according to court records.

James Freese, who also lives in the Upper Peninsula, faces five counts, including one alleging he had sex with a girl under 13 years old in 1990. Freese is related by affinity to at least one victim, and is out on a $100,000 cash surety bond, according to Alpena County Prosecutor Ed Black.

Andrew Freese of Spring Hill, Fla., faces two charges from September 2002 in which is his accused of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration and criminal sexual assault on a child under 13. He is out on a $35,000 cash surety bond.

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