The unspoken trouble with ‘clean cars’

I am amazed that mature, experienced, intelligent, well educated adults are duped so often. Regarding “Clean Cars” with “Zero-Emissions,” do you really think that there are no emissions? Really? Plugging your electric zero-emission car into your wall plug and saying, “I am not polluting” is like saying, “I do not kill animals for food” as you eat a steak dinner. Unless the electricity used to charge your battery comes entirely from solar or wind you are burning almost 10, yes, 10 times the fuel that an ordinary car uses. By the time the power plant generates electricity and sends it via the wires to your house to charge your battery almost 90 percent is lost. So, unless you have invested in wind or solar to charge your battery in your zero-emission car – thanks for all the pollution. If that is not bad enough our hard-earned tax dollars are being spent to install charging stations so you can drive your “non-polluting” cars more. The truth is that zero-emission vehicles are the most polluting vehicles. Think about it.

Thomas VanDuinen