Huron Humane Society needs our help

I have been volunteering at the Huron Humane Society for 20 years and have really enjoyed helping the animals. All these furry creatures want is food, a warm bed, and someone to love them. They don’t ask to be born and then dumped, abused and neglected.

Right now it is one of the worst years I have seen. With over 120 animals to care for. With over 85 percent of our budget is donations and fundraisers, money and supplies are very low, whether you can donate $1 or $100, supplies (bleach, laundry and dish soap, food, cat litter), or a few hours of your time, please help. Anything and everything will make a difference.

Maybe you know someone who needs help spaying and neutering their pets, please help if you can, because that is the only answer to this never-ending problem of pet overpopulation.

Debra Ward