Editorial: Help the Salvation Army as red kettle campaign begins


Hear them Ring.

Soon it will be Christmas Day.

While Christmas actually is well over a month away, area residents will begin hearing the ringing of beautiful holiday bells today at noon as the Salvation Army begins its annual Red Kettle campaign throughout the region.

This year kettles will be positioned at 11 strategic locations in hopes residents will be generous in their giving so others less fortunate might still enjoy Christmas this year.

It will take a lot of change and dollar bills to reach the Salvation Army’s goal this season of $157,500. While that represents a significant amount, Salvation Army officials also know the generosity of local residents who year after year willingly share their extras with others. Certainly the need is justified, thus it now is up to each of us to help attain it.

What will the money be used for? In addition to purchasing toys for children and nursing home residents at Christmas, funds also will be used to provide food and other household supplies and items to families who register and qualify through the Salvation Army. Remaining funds then are channeled into local emergency assistance and children and family programming.

In our mind the sound of a bell ringer at a Salvation Army red kettle is one of the sweetest sounds of the holiday season. The ringing helps ground us as to what the Christmas season really is all about, and provides us the opportunity to share in making someone else’s holiday a bit brighter this year.

When you hear the ringing, consider the smile on a little child’s face you can help having a part in. Please give, and give generously this year.