Plaza should have been thought out better

In response to the letter from Anne Sonnenberg on Oct. 26, Amen.

It would seem that before the grandiose Plaza Palooza scheme, that the planners would have considered the demographic data from Alpena County and the surrounding counties.

Since that data shows an unusually high retirement population, it would seem that the parking area in question would have been protected to encourage this segment of the population to continue their access to the businesses on Second Avenue and on Chisholm Street between Second and Third Avenues.

Until one has experienced mobility issues, it is difficult to understand the importance of easy access. This population shops in the easily accessible businesses downtown since the big box stores challenge their ability to access the huge stores from the huge parking lots.

One would doubt they’d be attracted by a water slip and slide or adding the plaza venue to their already challenging shopping trip.

Anne Dessenberg