Outstanding emergency room at ARMC

I know it is very easy to voice opinions on negative experiences we have endured from time to time. I am just as guilty of this act as anyone else. I also believe that when something positive happens to you, that story should be shared as well.

It is with that premise that I write today after a life altering experience at our local ER.

An experience that in my mind allows me to make the claim that Alpena is very fortunate to have such an amazing facility available to us when emergency care is needed.

I feel very fortunate and humbled to be able to state that I am living proof of this claim. How does one properly thank someone for saving their life? Is this even a feasible task? I am not sure I will ever be able to answer those questions or properly express my feelings on my ordeal. I do know I have to at least minimally express to all the readers that Alpena has a top notch ER room staffed by some of the finest professionals in the area.

The staff working on the night of Oct 9, 2013, exceeded all my expectations and showed their true passion for their chosen profession. It is the results of their combined talent that I am here today to be able to share this positive experience with all who will listen. I for one have nothing but kind words and heart felt gratitude towards our Emergency Room and dedicated staff. It is comforting to know that when an emergency arises, we have such a professional facility available for our treatment.

Randy Shultz