Correct a wrong, elect Nunnely to council

We need to correct a Wrong.

Almost a year ago, Mike Nunneley and I were recalled. There were lies told about us, And the old saying is ‘If you tell a lie long enough people will start to believe it’s the truth’ The Alpena News and True North Radio, did a F.O.I.A and they found no wrongdoing, or secret meetings. Cindy Johnson was the leader of the recall Campaign. She was quoted “The rest will come out after the recall election” Cindy the citizens of Alpena and my family are still waiting. I served on the council for over 20 years. I believed in doing my best to help our citizens. Mike has a financial background and that is what the City of Alpena needs. A vote for Mike Nunneley is the right thing to do.

Dave Karschnick Sr.