Editorial: Support library with ‘yes’ votes on millages

Voters in Alpena County will face two millage requests for the Alpena County Library on Tuesday. The library is seeking a 0.75 millage renewal and a 0.25 additional millage.

The library is one of the jewels of our community, and from our location across the street we can tell you first-hand it is one of the most popular spots in the county. Thousands of people use the library for its many services and programs.

Its current director, Eric Magness-Eubank, and previous directors have been good stewards of the library’s funding. They have continued to find ways to best serve library users and provide the best services possible.

However, the building is 40 years old. Time, and wear and tear, have a way of creating issues that could crop up at any time. Repairs need to be made; the cost of providing services will go up. It would be nice to think those things won’t happen, but they will and do.

If the millages aren’t passed, repairs wouldn’t be made. Officials have said that hours, services and programming would be cut. We can’t imagine what the library would look like and what it would become if those millages aren’t supported. Frankly, we don’t want to have to image it.

We support the millage requests by the Alpena County Library and urge you to vote yes on Tuesday.