SWAMI: First Round Playoff Predictions

The end of the football season usually means plenty of time for Swami to get ready for that all important season hunting season. For years, the All-Knowing-One was going to raise his blind so he could see every nook and cranny, well much to his surprise, it did not happen again this year. But the most important item to get done, was to reside the blind.

Over the past two weeks, it has been a daily ritual once out of work, go directly to the Buckhorn Camp and work until dark. He can say that renovation is now done, so he can concentrate on home projects, so he can get some time off to go hunting.

POSEN (4-5) at RAPID RIVER (9-0) – The Vikings are no stranger to Rapid River. In the second game of the year, the Rockets handled the Vikings. With both playing 8 man football, it was a season of playing common opponents. With a perfect record, it is easy to say that Rapid River had the upper hand in every contest, whereas the Vikings had to work for every point they got.

With that in mind, the All-Knowing-One says there is a good reason Posen is in the playoffs at 4-5. Posens last win came some four weeks ago against Bellaire. Rapid River faced the same team just seven days ago, but gave up 42 points. This is what Swami has found about defenses: one week they can give up the minimal amount of points and the next are able to pull out the win.

If this is the case, a 4-5 team has just as good a chance as a 9-0 one. It might be the week Rapid River gives up enough points because the defense of the Vikings will be improved.

Swami Sez: Rapid River 42, Posen 27.

MIO (7-2) at BEAL CITY (9-0) – All the Thunderbolts had to do was beat Alcona, but it did not happen. With the win, they might have averted playing the number one team in Class D. So All-Knowing-One, what could be done to derail the Aggies? If the Thunderbolts take last years playoff game against Beal City and get anything out of it that would be a plus.

One thing the Thunderbolts have going for them is this marks the 13th straight year of being in a playoff game. Quarterback Brad Rhoads finished the regular season with more than 2,000 yards passing with Colton McGregor and Seth Thomey as his favorite targets.

The Aggies are not going to take this game lightly as the Thunderbolts have an abundance of talent and could give Beal City trouble. The Aggies philosophy throughout the year has been to keep doing the things they have been doing correctly. Beal City has a myriad of backs, six of which have over 300 yards. Judging by the scores throughout the year, the All-Knowing-One has to say that the Aggies have been playing up to their potential.

Swami Sez: Beal City 48, Mio 18.

HILLMAN (5-4) at ST. IGNACE (7-2) – The Tigers win to get in, while the Saints lost, but still got in. With the win, the Tigers had to wait for the seeding on the Sunday to see if they would get in and found out that they were in a better position then they thought they were.

Swami thinks that the Tigers have enough fire power to stay with any team in the playoff system. St. Ignace comes into the playoffs on a downer. The Saints seven-game winning streak after losing their opener, came to a screeching halt, playing Cheboygan.

The All-Knowing-One hears that a number of Saints play both ways and this could be a plus for Hillman. Only time will tell.

Swami Sez: St. Ignace 32, Hillman 20.

ATLANTA (5-4) at JOHANNESBURG-LEWISTON (7-2) – The Cardinals were in the running for the Ski Valley Conference title and came close after the Cardinals won their last six games.

The old full house backfield has brought JoBurg back to a steam rolling ground game. The Cardinals have used speedy bursts by Ethan May to set up fullback Nick May.

Atlanta was able to get into the playoffs with a 55-6 win over Rogers City. The Huskies were another team that was glued to the television sets watching the Sunday Selection show. The All-Knowing-One figures it was the strength of schedule that really played into Atlantas favor. The season did not start out looking like the Huskies were going to get a playoff shot going 0-3.

Swami thinks this could be a close game, a lot closer then the records would indicate. The Huskies have the ability to win given the right conditions. The Cardinals offense has the ability to take time off the clock, which could be used in its favor.

Swami Sez: Johannesburg-Lewiston 42, Atlanta 24.

MCBAIN (5-4) at ALCONA (9-0) – When looking at games like this, Swami always looks for some little fact that will stick out. Well, he found one, it is a team called Manton. McBain took on the Rangers early in the season, which took the Ramblers into three overtime periods, before coming out on the short end of a 34-32 score. Alcona on the other side of the coin, had no problem with Manton, to the tune of 52-12.

As easy as it looks, this little fact maybe of little valve. The Tigers have put up 50+ points games against the opposition, which leads me to believe that they are peaking at the right time.

Alcona made sure that its rushing attack was find tuned going into the playoffs in a win over Mio.

The All-Knowing-One knows that McBain is not the stiffest of competition Alcona has faced, but it will be a test, that they will pass with flying colors.

Swami Sez: Alcona 45, McBain 20.