Johnson loves Alpena and will work hard for it

For more than 20 years before my retirement, it was my honor to work as DDA Director on behalf of Downtown Alpena and the City of Alpena. For the last several years of that time, I was also fortunate to work closely with Cindy Johnson, who had volunteered to join our Downtown Design Team. I saw first-hand how devoted she is to this community, and how hard she will work to make it the best it can be!

Through her involvement on this committee, Cindy’s expertise and love for the historic buildings was crucial in assisting many downtown property owners as they went through the restoration process. She researched diligently and then worked compassionately with these owners to help them find the most cost effective way to restore their building in the right way, always recognizing the financial commitment being made by those owners. She was available whenever needed to help bring these projects to completion. Her commitment shines through so many beautifully restored buildings in Downtown Alpena.

This is only one example of Cindy’s tireless volunteer efforts on behalf of the City of Alpena and its citizens. Over the years of working with Cindy, I learned that her work ethic and commitment to what is right is integral to who she is. For that, she has my sincere respect.

Cindy loves her community. I am convinced that she will serve the city well when she is elected to City Council. Please write-in your vote (and don’t forget to fill in the bubble next to her name) for this woman of hard work and integrity – Cindy Johnson.

Lynn Kolasa