Cindy Johnson the right person for Alpena

First, earlier this fall a Letter to the Editor was offered in the Alpena News addressing the upcoming City Council elections. The letter writer stated his preference of candidates and then went on to say that the City of Alpena recall results were the efforts of a few misinformed women. Those weren’t the exact words but something to that effect. We want to be clear that well over one half of the voters in that election agreed with these women, there needs to be a change in our city council. That’s how this voting thing works, some lose and win … it was the voice of the City.

Now we are so pleased that Cindy Johnson stepped up to the plate and placed her name as a write in candidate for the upcoming election for City Council. She will bring calm, intelligent, transparent and professional leadership to the council table. Cindy is not a rookie, she knows our City government. She has been on the Planning Commission, Overlay Tax Abatement Committee and the DDA Design Team just to name a few. She is coming into this election with good solid credentials to serve our community and she has been one of our great community volunteers for 20 years.

It is really easy to vote for Cindy … just write in “Cindy Johnson” and fill in the oval. Cindy and Shawn Sexton, together with the other hardworking council members and city employees … will keep this a well run, fair and progressive community.

Al and Cathy Moe