We need to come together for good of country

Democrats and Republicans: We had better start pulling together and open our eyes as to what’s happening in our beautiful America, the land of the free. Stop and think. Why are a few big corporations and federal employees not having to pay the same as the rest of the American people for the new health care that’s coming down the tube.

Does that sound like the way America should be?

How can 500 people control the rest of the American people? We’re told what we can’t eat, can’t drink. At the grocery store the can goodsare getting smaller, the cookies and crackers are in smaller boxes, yet the prices have gone up.

Why is our gas prices going up so high? Then in a few days later they start coming down. Why hasn’t “our government done something to stop this? We buy 10 percent of our oil from other countries. The rest is USA.

God help us we’re letting our freedom slip though our fingers.

People we had better start making a loud noise. Call and write your congress person and senators. Don’t wait for someone else to do this. Each and every one of us need to wake up and use that phone that’s hanging on the wall or in our pockets and purses. Pick them up, call Washington!

They are our voices. They work for us. We voted them in, we can vote them out. Remember this old but true saying, “Together we stand, divided we fall.” Let’s stand together, America.

Rose Raible