Money better spent than on a new courthouse

My wide and I have lived in Belknap Township most of our life. We have heard the complaining about the county building/court house needing repairs for 25-30 years. Why didn’t we do these repairs all long instead of waiting until it is almost beyond repair? Back then, Calcite was in full swing with many employees, back than, we had a younger population, and back then, we had jobs. Our tax base was so much bigger, and it would have been spread out. Now, we are a retired community with most of the population on Social Security and we all struggle with the daily necessities.

A proposed new building is just not practical, nor is it affordable. According to Commissioner Sorgenfrei, building this new building would allow all the offices to be under one roof. So what? We have just spent over $250,000 on the Nowicki building. What will become of this building? Try to sell it, rent it or let it just sit empty? We will never get our money back on this building and isn’t it so easy to spend other people’s money? Well, it is our money, our tax money, our retirement money and our food money.

$26.50 per year for 15 years doesn’t sound like much but that’s for each $50,000 of taxable value. $26.50 can be the cost of a meal out, if you can treat yourself to it, or how about two bags of groceries or a half tank of gas. It’s not chicken feed, it is a lot of money to most of us.

This is not the right time. Please rethink this and come up with a better plan.

William Altman