New location for Campus Closet

ALPENA – Alpena High School Campus Closet will have a public grand opening tonight at its new location in Alpena High School. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 5 p.m. outside of the new public entrance at the back oval of the high school.

“Since we moved to our new location, we have a public access directly to our store,” marketing teacher Melissa Timmreck said. “Any customers that come to the store can enter directly from the outside instead of having to go through the school entrance.”

Campus Closet is run almost exclusively by about 60 marketing students in two separate classes that take care of everything from merchandise placement to records and tracking sales. These classes have been busy checking tags on regular merchandise and sale items to prepare for the upcoming open house.

“In everything we’re trying to do we have the students completeing the tasks,” Timmreck said. “The students learn which tasks need to be done and decide in which order. Different groups design different displays and signs for advertising.”

Each student learns how to work with the computer system to invoice, check in new merchandise and set prices for the items. This year, along with the new location, students have worked to add over 30 new items to Campus Closet and will be featuring those items at the public open house. Campus Closet also has balloons and flowers available in-house, and can make deliveries at certain times during school, and any friends or family, whether in school or out, can purchase and send flowers to students.

“We have specials running during the open house with 10 percent off of Wildcat hoodies, $10 hats, and promotional drawings for prizes from Coke products to Monster products,” Timmreck said. “We have clearance items including former merchandise with shirts starting at $5, and then we have our new alumni line and Wildcat blankets available.”

The new location of Campus Closet gives students a new venue for advertising; windows. In the old location there were no windows, poor lighting and limited storage space.

“The students are learning how to do window displays and are trying different ways to highlight merchandise using the windows,” Timmreck said. “The new location also connects the classroom to the Campus Closet unlike the last location where the classroom was in a different area.”

This year’s marketing classes are excited about the new location and ready for the public to come take a look and browse through the merchandise.

“It will be a nice night for families to come here and see the grand opening for our new establishment,” marketing student Tyler Kollien said. “The new location has more space and breathing room and I think the windows make for a better atmosphere and helps to light the room.”

Kollien and Patrick Connon are in their first year of working at the Campus Closet, and said they both enjoy learning about marketing and are excited for the open house.

“We’re featuring our new merchandise and it’s a good opportunity for people to see what’s going on here,” Connon said. “We’ve never had any specific sports items before and now we do. We’re selling Alpena Wildcats blankets for games and other outdoor events. It’s going to be a fun night.”

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