Senior Center launches raffle calendar

Alpena Senior Citizens Center has launched a raffle calendar project to raise money to help offset decreases in funding. Over the last two years, the center’s budget, like many non-profits, has experienced some major reduction in funding through the federal sequestration and state reductions as well as local senior millage reduction. Some of the reductions that the center has faced include:

  • 10-15 percent cuts at the federal level in 2013 and upcoming in 2014.
  • Alpena County senior millage provides approximately 46 percent of the center’s funding each year. A total of $384,292 for 2014 was requested to help offset some of the state and federal cuts. An amount of $313,857 was approved, which represents a reduction in funding of $71,292 or a 19 percent cut.
  • The center’s prescription assistance program was reduced by over $2,000, from $43,767 to $41,000.
  • Senior Project Fresh was reduced from $4,250 to $3,500.
  • County-wide delivery of the Home Delivered Meal program was reduced from $42,280 to $38,000.
  • Requests for the services provided by the center are on the rise. One such example is the Home Delivered Meal program. In 2013 the center was funded for 45,000 meals and delivered 77,624, an increase of 57 percent more meals than the funding received.

The center was able to provide this service with support from the Alpena County senior millage and fundraising efforts like our Jail and Bail, Pickin’ for People concerts and our food drives in the spring and fall.

Calendar sales will raise a much needed $14,000 which will get the center 16 percent closer to recouping the funds that have been lost just at the county level.

Staff at the center realizes they can no longer rely on the government to provide services to seniors in Alpena County and so the are working hard at finding creative ways to bridge the gap between the funding received and the cost of providing services.

The center collaborated with Model Printing Service to create the raffle calendar. The calendar incorporates photos of various groups and activities that represent the center and the seniors that it serves.

Each calendar has a raffle ticket on the back page. Purchasers are asked to complete the information on the ticket, which will be placed in monthly drawings. Once a month, starting in January 2014, five $100 winners will be drawn. Winners will be placed back into the drawing for all 12 months. There will be a total of 60 $100 prizes awarded, and only 1,000 calendars sold.

Funds from the calendar sales will be used to support all programs at the center.

Calendars are available for $20 each and are available now at the center, 501 River, or from any staff, board members or volunteers.

Below is a summary of some of the services that the center provided from Oct. 1, 2012 to Sept. 30, 2013:

  • Home Delivered Meals 77,624
  • Congregate Meals 30,562
  • Homemaker Services 4,068 hours
  • Personal Care 1,105 hours
  • Respite Care 1,113 hours
  • Provided emergency kits called Vial of Life that assist emergency response personnel with medical and personal information.
  • Assisted grandparents raising their grandchildren with educational grants as well as a support group.
  • Offered health and wellness opportunities of arthritis certified exercise classes as well as nutrition education for health, wellness and diabetes education.
  • Assisted caregivers of dementia clients with educational sessions on how to be a better, more informed caregiver.
  • Provided six computer stations with high speed internet for individual access, as well as workshops on utilizing technology.