Roof issue could have been avoided right away

Just read the article about the leaking roof at the Public Safety Facility, maybe I can spread some light on this even though I am sure if the City will agree or take the information seriously. When the Building was constructed the City was told that the roofing needed the proper insulation and sealing. In a discussion with one of the workers that installed the roof after the completion of the installation, he informed me that when they told the City Administration at the time ie; City Manager he said they would not pay the extra money to do it right. We had a Man come in and seal the joints and he told us it would not last, this was about a year after construction was completed which was somewhere in the early years of the occupancy. As you may recall the same thing happened to Thunder Bay Jr High which was built by the same Company. One more comment they could have used the money that the Clerk took away from my pension to pay the cost and then some.

Frank Matthews

Retired Chief

Hubbard Lake