Johnson will make city council more effective

In response to Bob Lamb’s letter of 10/4/13: Lamb asserts that the recalled city councilmen were wrongly removed for firing Thad Taylor. He maintains that the City Manager was terminated because the “city is failing,” and that he should “shoulder the responsibility and blame.” Actually, the election cited three reasons for recall, not one. Incredibly, even the subjects of the recall themselves never stated Mr. Taylor was terminated because the city was failing. Instead, we heard vague generalities about the “difference of philosophy” or “going in a new direction.” Mr. Lamb is certainly entitled to his own opinion, but his own set of facts. Actually, Lamb’s failing Alpena remains alive and well, thanks to swift action from recall voters.

Cindy Johnson, a write-in candidate for Alpena’s City Council, is committed to represent the community with integrity, respect, transparency and honesty. The community has already spoken once, but as is his habit, a certain someone without these traits refuses to listen, and is attempting to sneak back power and take revenge. Cindy’s candidacy was borne out of that effrontery to democracy, and aims to correct it. Cindy will work to make the council more productive, efficient and professional. She will examine issues based upon their merit, and strive to come up with fair and timely solutions that move the city forward. Please write in the name “Cindy Johnson” for city council on you ballot on Nov. 5. Together, voters can all “shoulder the responsibility for the continued prosperity of Alpena, and derail those who play the blame and shame game.

Greg Adamus